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Whole Lotta Red but it's Lofi Hip Hop (Part 2)

Whole Lotta Red but it's Lofi Hip Hop (Part 2)

1 year
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This video is a chill lofi mix containing 4 lofi hip hop remixes of Playboi Carti's songs from Whole Lotta Red (WLR). They're great songs to relax to, study to, or even sleep to.
Just press play, relax and enjoy. G6 Radio

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1 00:00 Playboi Carti - Vamp Anthem
Lofi remix by: Itzatrap |
2 01:53 Playboi Carti - Stop Breathing
Lofi remix by: youji | ;amp;t=29s
3 05:51 Playboi Carti - Sky
Lofi remix by: j lotti |
4 09:05 Playboi Carti - Rockstar Made (featuring Kanye West)
Lofi remix by: edgar ramos |


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