How to study for the OSCP in 5 Steps

How to study for the OSCP in 5 Steps


4 months
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All sorry for the lack of videos lately I been extremely busy. However, I am sure this video will definitely be of great use to many of you starting on your OSCP path. In this video I share with you my 5 step process to successfully study for the OSCP. This video will help you get the most out of your lab time and help you through the process and learning the methodologies. Stay to tune till later in the video to also get help in how to document your labs and exercises. Make sure to give it a thumbs up and sub if you are new here.

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Books to help pass the OSCP / Study

Penetration Testing: A hands on introduction to hacking:
Hackers Handbook version 3: A guide to practical penetration testing:

Videos to help pass the OSCP / Study
Path to OSCP Video list:
Buffer overflow Made easy:

OSCE Prep Books:

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