5 Times Beyoncé Attempted Some Of Her HARDEST Notes

5 Times Beyoncé Attempted Some Of Her HARDEST Notes


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- Hey guys! how do you like the new intro I created for the channel? also, I know I said the video would be coming in the upcoming week but I was able to get it figured out sooner than I thought so here you go! CONTINUE READING IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY I CHOSE THESE 5 SONGS!
1. Smash Into You - the reason I added this song as one of her hardest is the control and breath support needed in order to start from a C#4 and run up to a supported and sustained C#5
2. Drunk in Love - a lot of people don’t realize how hard this song is to sing because it’s such an upbeat song and Beyoncé makes it seem so easy! but, the back to back effortless C#5s are far from easy; you have to have consistency and Beyoncé sings this specific note with so much ease!
3. I Care - there’s a reason why I added the D5 instead of the F5 or B5. for one, the D5 is very difficult considered she does a trill working her way up to the note and even then she hits it with so much power, in which she was doing LIVE every show...it takes consistency, agility, and GREAT technique...not easy.
4. Crazy in Love - this doesn’t really need explanation, I mean, come on lol. THE RUNS, THE STAMINA, THE DYNAMICS, THE ADLIBS, THE ICONIC F5, all while dancing at the same time. I mean, who else is doing it? i’ll wait.
5. Listen - another one that doesn’t need explanation. this song is NOT easy to sing unless you are Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter.....or Blue Ivy..and that’s all i’ll say about that. thanks for coming to my TED TALK, folks!

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